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About Us

Aran Tekstil, which started its commercial life in 1993, stepped into industrialism by making its first factory investment in 1997. Our company, which produced contract bedding textiles for national brands from 2002 to 2008, has decided to evaluate its knowledge and experience for its own brand, Clasy.

The production and management center of Aran Tekstil, which produces and markets all kinds of textile products related to bedding for adults, youth, children's and baby rooms, under the brand of Clasy, is in Denizli. Aran Tekstil manufactures its own fabric in its production facilities with a closed area of ​​15 thousand m2, with the latest technology, in accordance with the quality standards of the Turkish Standards Institute TSE 2994. Confection processes that will transform fabrics into bedding are also carried out in the same facilities. The dyes and chemical materials used in these fabrics, which are produced from 100% cotton yarn, do not contain chemicals harmful to human health. Clasy products are offered to consumers with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, non-standard fading and shrinkage.

Having the patterns and designs of its products made by both its own team and famous designers in the country and abroad, Aran Tekstil presents the Clasy brand to consumers at more than 500 sales points in the country and more than 100 sales points in more than 30 countries abroad.

The bedding products offered by the Clasy brand are as follows;
Duvet cover sets, sleeping sets, pillow and quilt set, mattress protector, duvet cover and bedding set for babies and children, luxury satin duvet cover sets, pique sets...

You can view our document dated 13/03/2017 and numbered 019249-TSE-01/01 issued by the Turkish Standards Institute here...
You can review our document dated 16/04/2019 and numbered IS135 127905 issued by OEKO-TEX CONFHDENCE lN TEXTlLES here...

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Clasy New Weaving Plant

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